Contribution Guide

Anyone is more than welcome to contribute to the development of warnings-plugin, no matter your programming skill level. It is the reviewer’s obligation to help bring your contribution to our desired quality level and you should do your best to help the reviewer understand your decisions. Standard GitHub flow is used to start Pull Requests, which are then merged. We also prefer to make a Work In Progress Merge request once you starting your work just in case someone else is not working on the same issue.

Getting Started

There may be a few issues opened to request new features, but you are also more than welcome to make some of your own suggestions. The help wanted label indicates that it is an easy enough task for anyone to start with, so go and pick up the feature you feel most excited about and start implementing it.

Quality of Contribution

All new contributions need to be properly tested. We are not targeting some coverage percentage but rather focus on regression testing to confirm expected functionality and border cases. This will help us keep existing features even after years of constant development and it helps fixing regression bugs.


Basic documentation is expected, but every bit of detail you can include will help in the future. It might look obvious, but it will also help everyone reviewing the code to correctly understand the intended functionality so that they can focus more on the implementation aspect.

Code Review

Anyone is more than welcome to check open Pull requests and make a code review. Everyone benefits from fresh eyes looking at new features or bug fixes and it also improves coding skills of all included. Remember to act politely. Since some people might not be frequent contributors to various repositories, do not intimidate them, but rather help them improve. We are all learning.

Reporting Issues or Requesting a New Feature

Please open a new Issue if you have any problems with the plugin. We will be happy to fix them as soon as possible. If you want some feature to be included but do not know where to start, you should also open an Issue with label enhancement and we can implement it when we have time and it fits in our view.